2 in 1 solution
Counting post-larvae - Sizing shrimp



Compatible with smartphones on the market.
Safe and durable in harsh environment.


  • Count up to 4000 PLs (vannamei, monodon, macrobrachium) in just 10 seconds
  • More than 95% accuracy
  • Trusted by more than 100 hatcheries worldwide


  • Monitor shrimp growth rate
  • Determine the size variation of shrimp in ponds
  • Ensures shrimp health remains unaffected
  • More than 95% accuracy

Technical specifications

High durability.
Dimensions: length 55cm x width 43cm x height 41cm
Weight: 3kg
  • Composite, Plastic
  • Durable in harsh environment
  • Precisely engineered for unparalleled accuracy, yet lightweight, compact, and effortlessly portable.
  • Versatile application for both post-larvae and shrimp.
  • Streamlined, compact equipment attachments.


Make instant and
accurate decisions
  • Accurately determine stocking density from the beginning of the farming season.
  • Offer essential chart, including shrimp growth, size variation of shrimp in ponds, revenue estimation.
  • Monitor shrimp growth rate and estimate production output for each pond.
  • Automatic data saving for effortless retrieval.


From solving the issues of post-larvae...
Tomota S3 has earned the trust of leading hatchery owners in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, and the Mekong Delta, delivering accurate shrimp counting results in just 10 seconds through smartphone video recording with over 95% accuracy, validated through thousands of tests. Renowned hatcheries like CP, Grobest, Tuan Ha, Tran Hau Dien, Nam Mien Trung, Nam Phu Hung, Duong Hung, Dong Thanh, and Minh Phu Ninh Thuan... have adopted Tomota S3 to elevate their post-larvae counting and enhance their reputation.

Furthermore, Tomota S3 has garnered widespread acclaim from hundreds of major hatcheries across Vietnam and the Southwest region. Its reach has extended to hatcheries in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Australia, France, South Korea, Ecuador, and Brazil, proudly showcasing "Make in Vietnam" technology to the world.
story-02 the issues of shrimp
The rapid deployment of Tomota S3 in Minh Phu Seafood Corporation's shrimp farming areas has been remarkable, covering 840 ponds at Minh Phu Loc An and over 248 ponds at Minh Phu Kien Giang shrimp farm. This implementation has significantly contributed to increased productivity and cost optimization for each farming area, establishing a more scientific and efficient shrimp farming process.

The daily application of Tomota S3 growth monitoring solution has been instrumental for farmers in Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, and others. It allows them to easily track shrimp growth rates and promptly detect slow-growing issues. As a result, farmers can implement timely measures and make informed decisions to enhance productivity, optimize farming efficiency, and achieve success in each farming season.

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